SHIKARPUR (Staff Reporter): An appellate tribunal gave a decision in favour of Ameer Ali Jatoi, independent candidate for NA-198 Shikarpur-Khanpur, against Mir Abid Ali Bhayo, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) candidate, for allegedly having two CNICs and two votes at his native village Jagan and disqualified Mir Abid Ali Bhayo. According to reports, honourable justice of appellant tribunal Sukkur heard the objections levelled by Ameer Ali against Mir Abid for taking two CNICs and two votes at serial No 306 and 307 at Jagan polling station, after hearing arguments honourable judge disqualified PPP’s candidates for having two CNICs and votes as well. Mir Abid announced that he would lodge an appeal against decision at apex court for justice. It is worthwhile to mention here that Mir Abid has served as provincial minister for youth affairs in previous government and he has status of district president for Pakistan PPP Shikarpur district. In previous general elections Mir Babal Khan, the elder brother of Mir Abid Khan and the then district president for the PPP Shikarpur district had won the election for PS-12, now turned PS-08 but Mir Abid, an independent candidate for PS-12 had filed objections against him for having seminary (Madarssa) degree. Then he (Mir Babal Bhayo) had also disqualified and then Mir Babal had also filed objection against Mir Abid for having seminary (Madarssa) degree when he tried to contest by election.

The honourable court also disqualified him owing to which Mir Abid could not take part in by election aftermath Mir Abid Ali had came in power after winning PS-12 Khanpur in by election but this time Mir Abid was also disqualified for having two CNICs and votes as well.

Besides, it was also reported that appellant tribunal has rejected allegation filed by Agha Taimoor Khan Pathan, against Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh, PPP candidate who is contesting for PS-07 and kept the decision intact of returning officer Shikarpur. While tribunal gave decision in favour of Agha Siraj Khan Durrani, PPP candidate for PS-09, and rejected all objections raised by his opponent belongs to the Pakistan Tehree-e-Insaf. Besides, nomination form of Zulfikar Ali Kamario, PPP candidate who is contesting for NA-199 has been approved further appellant tribunal proceedings’ are underway till filling of this news file.


Help Age International (HAI) CEO Justin Derbyshire along with other colleagues visited the Older People Associations (OPAs) formed by the HAI with collaboration of Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) in Jacobabad and Shikarpur districts on Wednesday.

The foreign delegation met with office bearers and members of older people in Union Councils (UCs) Humayon, Shikarpur and, UC Bachro Jacobabad and held separate meetings with active older people and discussed the issues of the older people, their experiences of campaigning for protection of their rights.

On the occasion, representatives of the several Older People Associations expressed their concern over delay in implementing on senior citizens welfare bill, which was passed by Sindh Assembly in 2016.

CEO Justin urged the government and media to play their pivotal role and due to lack of its implementation of the bill as older people of Sindh was facing many problems.

He said that after implementing the bill, older people will provide free geriatric, medical, and health services with free medicines for senior citizens as prescribed by respective medical officers from government dispensaries, hospitals, medical centers and 25 percent concession on all private hospitals and clinics.

Justin said that the bill also ensures the provision of 25 percent discount at recreation centers, cinemas, theaters, visiting places including hostels, motels, resorts, restaurants, food points and lodging establishments.

It also ensures provision of free services for funeral and burial on the death of a senior citizen by the local council, he added.