BADIN - The unchecked sale of tranquiliser injections and drugs in Badin takes life of a youth on Wednesday.

Ayub Leghari, 17, resident of ward No 6 Badin city, died of excessive use of tranquiliser drugs.

The health department and drug inspector have completely failed to keep eye on these elements who have been selling these types of drugs openly without prescription of prescribed physician or surgeon.

Talking to journalist at Badin Press Club, heirs of deceased boy, Ghulam Qadir Leghari, Gul Muhammed Leghari, Ramzan Leghari and others said that tranquiliser drugs were available at various medical stores of city but health department and drug inspector were unaware about such dangerous act.

They said that dozens of youth were habitual users of tranquilisers and their lives were hanging in danger.

Common sale of tranquiliser injections including Kinz 10mg, Nelben 10mg, Valium 10mg, Dizipam 10mg, Avil 10mg and other drugs including pills and tablets were creating fear and disappointment among the locals. Those medications were injected either into a muscle (IM) or directly into a vein (IV) causing damage of human body in case of habitual users.

According medical point of view, a tranquiliser refers to a drug which designed for the treatment of anxiety, fear, tension, agitation, and disturbances of the mind specifically to reduce state of anxiety and tension but youth even minors were utilising such drugs as narcotics.

Citizens and parents have demanded to conduct inquiry of death of young boy and legal action against those involved in sell of tranquiliser drugs.