ISLAMABAD  - Defence Counsel of Sharif Family in Avenfield corruption reference Khawaja Harris Wednesday asserted that Joint Investigation Team on Panama Papers case made every attempt to pressurise Qatari Prince Hammad bin Jassam through pressure tactics.

While making conclusive arguments in the Avenfield Properties Reference before NAB Accountability Court, the defence counsel stated that the JIT ahead of recording the statement of Qatari Prince used to snub the prince by making claims to hold accountability of Jassam. It was contended by the JIT team to hold the Qatari Prince accountable like some typical accountant, said Khawaja Harris.

He also pointed out that after leakage of the CCTV snap of Hussain Nawaz, what guarantee and credibility has left on the part of JIT team that pictures of Qatari Prince will not have been made public.

Judge Accountability Court Muhammad Bashir presided over hearing of the Avenfield Properties Reference. On part of Sharif Family, Captain (Retd) Safdar appeared before the NAB court.

During the hearing, Khawaja Harris argued that some irrelevant documents were presented relating to employment of Nawaz Sharif with FZE company, adding that these documents were not testified as per law. Any witness has also not been presented to show that JIT team had visited Dubai, similarly any such explanation was not made by JIT to identify that on whose application Jafra issued the documents, said Khawaja Harris.

He also said that on screen shots related to salary, any name and designation is not mentioned while on payment sheets, name of Nawaz Sharif is also missing. The JIT has also failed to provide transaction record regarding transfer of money in bank account of Nawaz Sharif. Defence Counsel Khawaja Harris while considering documents of Capital FZE as unacceptable evidence stated that these documents has nothing to do with Avenfield Properties.

Meanwhile, commenting about letters coordination between JIT and Qatari Prince , Khawaja Harris stated that Panama JIT in its letter to Qatari Prince did not seek any explanation about any possible record. Harris underlined that Qatari Prince has never said that he is not ready to record his statement. Qatari Prince Hammad bin Jassam has simply contended to Panama JIT, visited him in Qatar to take his statement. On other side, Panama JIT fixed conditions to record the statement of Qatari and it was also conveyed that video recording will also be made to record the statement of Qatari prince . He said being a royal Prince, Qatari Prince Hammad bin Jassam seek apology to record his statement like some accountant. What guarantee and credibility has left on account of JiT that any video and picture of the Qatari prince will not get viral as has been made of Hussain Nawaz.

Khawaja Harris also quoted the reference of 28th July judgment of Supreme Court regarding Black Dictionary, in which definition of receivable income has been described as per internet that's definition is not correct.

He said that the JIT did not present any such transaction record to confirm that any amount has been transferred from company's bank account in to the account of Nawaz Sharif. JAFZA documents in this regard could not be presented as evidence in Pakistan, said Khawaja Harris.

Khawaja Harris also pointed out that any queries were not asked from Hussain Nawaz about source documents of Capital FZE. Wajid Zia has first quoted reference of wage protection system but later contended that he does not hold sufficient knowledge about this, said Harris.

Defence Counsel Khawaja Harris contended in the court to postpone conclusive arguments in Avenfield Properties Reference for Thursday but Judge Accountability Court remarked to conclude arguments in yesterday’s hearing.

On Wednesday, the proceeding continued for more than eight hours and the defence counsel concluded his arguments in Avenfield Properties Reference. On Thursday, lawyer of Maryam Nawaz, Amjad Pervez will start his conclusive arguments.