I had an experience of floodings in 2010-2011 when they destroyed peoples lives and properties on an unprecedented scale. People didn’t have shelters to live. No doubt, people were already familiar with the flood they came to face even they didn’t have any other places to live. So when the flooding happened, there weren’t any proactive decisions made by the government. For instance, in shelter camps, medical facilities all were given abruptly after the flood. The government did help but very little the people living below poverty line. 

The Government is no doubt doing good when it comes to its people, but what if we can take preemptive measures for the problems which we will face in future, so we don’t panic in those sudden and uninvited catastrophes. We will not depend on aids from other countries if we take precautionary steps. We can better do good deads for our country. I, therefore, strongly appeal to the government to take proactive initiatives for the betterment and protection of its citizens and country. 


Karachi, June 18.