The Polio campaign’s team and Balochistan’s Health Department seem to be failing in wiping out the polio virus in Balochistan where the third polio case reported during the five months of this year. It should be known that the first poliovirus case of 2018 surfaced in the same Dukki district where a three-year-old child fell prey to the crippling virus. In fact, the polio cases have increased with the third polio consecutive case was reported in the district (Dukki) when an 18-month-old child, Usman had the onset of paralysis on May 18, and the virus was confirmed after his death. Painfully, the child didn’t receive any OPV drops in routine (routine zero doses) while only three doses were received in the campaigns (only one treatment in the last six drives).

The polio disease has reached on the harming point since the report compared to 2017 at the same point in time, only two polio cases were reported from across the country that means instead of a decrease, there appears almost 50% increase in polio cases on a year-on-year basis in Pakistan.

It shows the lethargy of polio workers for their failure to give polio drops to all children. This letter is not intended to ask for exemplary punishment to polio workers but, at least, they can be asked to be mindful of their duties and must control such cases to happen next time. They are the only ones who can make Pakistan a polio-free country.


Turbat, June 19.