Without food we can live for three weeks, without water we also can live for three weeks, but without breathing, we can’t live for three minutes. We face a lot of problems when we breathe because of air pollution. According to WHO, last year more than 70 lac people died due to air pollution. Air pollution is named as the most horrifying problem, which is destroying both human beings and the Ozone layer. We, the living beings, have created this problem.

However, in Pakistan mostly in Balochistan people usually burn their garbages near their homes or on roads. Due to this, the dust flies up in the sky and gets mixed with the oxygen and can make breathing difficult. It also affects the ozone layer. In a recent report of scientists, a big hole has been shown in the ozone layer. The report stated how if air pollution is not controlled, it can destroy the world. I suggest everyone to not burn garbages and I request the Prime Minister to take serious action about air pollution.


Singanisar Kech.