The latest incidents of attacks on Tankers anchored in the Gulf of Oman highlights how a warmongering nation creates situations to spark regional Wars. Pakistan, along with other countries like China, Russia and Muslim states, should highlight such moves in the International media and by push for resolutions in the UN.

The situation started deteriorating as soon as American warships entered the Gulf of Oman to help protect the World from so-called threats of Iran.

Anchored ships were attacked. Soon, the USA and the UK started informing the media that they had devastating proofs of Iran’s involvement.

The USA asked the President of Japan to visit Iran with a message of peace. When the Japanese President was still in Iran, a new attack involving one Japanese tanker took place. The US released a video showing supposedly Iranian boats putting on the magnetic mines in order to create a wave of anger against Iran and to urge Japanese President to declare war against Iran.

But the whole scheme of the USA and UK was exposed when the owners of Japanese tankers disputed this video released by the US. In a press conference, they stated how it was the other side of their tanker which was attacked and that too by a flying object, a technology that the US specializes in.

The countries around the world, especially Japan that was being dragged into a War, should not allow such schemes to continue and should seriously reprimand the US and UK through sanctions and other measures. Pakistan too should use this opportunity to help bring Saudi Arabia and Iran together and deter such schemes by curbing their differences. A Dispute Resolution group should be created, with Pakistan as its Chairman and Saudi Arabia and Iran as its members, in which all the disputes can be resolved amicably.