Rawalpindi - A gang of swindlers including a woman is operating in twin cities and involved in depriving aged women of gold, cash and mobile phones with no action on part of police and law enforcement agencies, sources said on Thursday.

So far, the gang members who patrol in the city on a white-colour car have targeted two aged women in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, they said. Though the police received written complaints from victims ladies yet no action was taken against the culprits, they said.

According to sources, a gang of culprits including a woman is seen moving on roads in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and target the aged woman found walking around the roads and in markets. They said that the car is stopped near any woman and one of the gang members is used to ask address of some place. In the meanwhile, two gang members including a woman grab the prey and bundle her into car and snatch gold and cash, sources said.

Sources said that a lady namely Maryam Bibi lodged a complaint with Police Station Saddar Bairooni and stated that she was waiting for public transport at Chungi Number 20 Bus Stop when a car stopped near her. She mentioned that a woman and a man stepped down from the car and caught her. She said that the duo bundled her into the car and sped away towards Kalyal.

The victim lady added that the lady and a man beaten her in the car and snatched cash and gold ring from her. She said that she was thrown out of the car near Kalyal by the culprits. Maryam Bibi requested the police to register a case against the culprits and recover her gold ring and cash. Police have begun investigation into incident after accepting the complaint.

Similarly, Malik Imtiaz, resident of Shakrial, appeared before the police and narrated that his mother was walking along the road at Khanna Pull when a white colour car stopped near her. Two men appeared from the car and overwhelmed his mother and put her into the car. Later, they snatched her gold ear rings and cash and fled towards Lehtrar Road while throwing his mother out of the car. Police registered case on the complaint of the residents and began investigation.

Meanwhile, a gang of armed robbers stormed into Utility Store at Dhoke Kala Khan, the precinct of PS Sadiqabad, and made the shopkeepers and customers hostage on gunpoint, sources said.

They added that the robbers collected cash and picked up sacks of flour and other grocery items and fled. The police arrived on the crime scene and collected evidences besides recording statements of the shopkeepers. A case has been registered against unknown robbers.