ISLAMABAD - Child rights activists on Saturday de­manded the federal and provincial gov­ernments to increase resource allo­cations to improve the status of child rights in Pakistan.

The Society for Protection of Rights of the Child (SPARC) organised an online “Post-Budget Session to Ana­lyse the Resources Allocated for the Protection and Promotion of Child Rights” here.

Senator Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif said Pakistan has around 87.938 million children, approxi­mately 47% of Pakistan’s total pop­ulation.

Its present as well as future de­pends on the survival, protection and promotion rights, and development of its children, who constitute the ma­jority of our population. Our children are not our future. They are our pres­ent – here and now.

Sajjad Ahmed Cheema, Executive Director, SPARC recalled Pakistan’s Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan’s first speech to the nation in which the PM mentioned about the dire state of children health in Pakistan.