SHIKARPUR -  A mother and his son were burnt to death in a fire that erupted in a house within the jurisdiction of Lakhi Gate police station in the city in the wee hours of Saturday.

  A fire broke out due to the spark of short-circuit in the house of a laborer, Mour Ali Shaikh, near Shahi Bagh road in Gharibabad Muhalla.

The fire engulfed the whole house in few movements. As a result, Shahar Banu, aged 40, wife of housemaster, Mour Ali Shaikh, and his son, Muhammad Ali, aged 12, who were asleep in the room received severe burn injuries and died.

The bodies were not brought to the hospital for legal formalities. Lakhi Gate police said as per initial information, the housemaster was a laborer, who had recently stored a gallon of petrol in his home for open selling in bottles due to shortage of petrol that might be the main reason of the fire after a short circuit spark. No FIR was registered till late evening.