The whole nation is under the danger of an attack by desert locusts. Around 37% zone of Pakistan is more vulnerable to the attack. So far crops over a region of 715 acres of land in Punjab have been harmed. New multitudes of desert locusts would enter Balochistan from Iran over the next two weeks, including the fact that the province was already the worst-hit with its 33 regions previously attacked by insects. Locusts are flourishing with vegetation and eating everything green they can discover, regardless of the spraying of pesticide.

The transient danger from Iran, however, still lingers. In Balochistan, 40% of our work power is connected to the agriculture sector. With locusts destroying the crops and authorities focused on Covid-19, we are practically not doing anything to control it. Local people who are already enduring due to coronavirus limitations are helplessly watching locusts eat their crops. Now, saving the crops from the locust attack should be the top priority of the government as it threatens the food security of the entire country.