BRITNEY Spears is rocking her tour right now, but apparently she's been rocking her phone too, by sending text messages to her ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. If you guys recall, Adnan can't even be around Britney because her conservatorship had filed for a restraining order against him. That obviously isn't stopping her from texting Adnan and asking him to help her out of the situation she is currently in. Unfortunately or fortunately for Britney, Adnan has not been able to text back because he is not allowed to communicate with her for three years. A source told the The Sun: "She keeps sneaking messages to Adnan begging him to help her win back her freedom...She says she is lonely and misses being able to date the men she chooses. She feels trapped. "She has been begging him to meet her and help her come up with a plan to get out of her dad's conservatorship." Adnan might be a little too busy right now to text Britney back, as he's probably trying to figure out a way to not get deported back to Britain or his native Afghanistan. Adnan was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and hit and run after he allegedly hit a process server. - HS