RAWALPINDI - The residents of Rawalpindi are facing acute traffic problems as it takes almost one-and-a-half hours to reach Saddar from Faizabad. During the peak hour in the morning and in the afternoon traffic on Benazir Bhutto Road (formerly known as Murree Road) increases manifolds adding to the miseries of the commuters travelling between these two points or between the twin cites. The authorities concerned have failed to implement the projects announced and approved of by different governments from time to time for the smooth traffic flow in the city. People belonging to various walks of life have observed that the authorities and departments concerned have failed in delivering with regard to provision of necessary facilities to the Pindiities. Those who are engaged in providing social services to the people are particularly perturbed over the ongoing traffic problems and non-fulfilment of the government decision regarding resolution of road problem in the city. Students, lawyers and employees working in different private and government organisations and department are critic to the department performance and on their behaviour with the public. The Nation conducted a survey on Friday to seek comments of the general public over the ongoing problems faced by the population of Rawalpindi city vis-a-vis, the traffic problem, which sometime causes loss to the people. Often it happens that a patient being transferred to hospital by Rescue 1122 or other ambulance services has to suffer sometimes he loses his life due to heavy traffic mismanagement. Muhammad Saeed a government servant on contact said that day by day increasing traffic has made the life of road users miserable, but the people at the helm of affairs do not bother to take steps to resolve public grievances. A student Shoaib was of the opinion that the officials' attitude in fact made life of people miserable saying they enjoy government facilities, but they don't work to help facilitate the general public. He further added that red-tapeism was always there to place bottlenecks in the way to implement those projects essential for public convenience and to help facilitate them, he lamented. Another resident of Pindi, Dr Rakshanda said she always reached hospital late due to traffic jam on Murree Road adding number of patients have to wait for hours, just because of her. Numbers of people have demanded the government for widening of the road saying whenever a new government comes into power the rulers make announcements for widening work of Murree road. A Social worker Muhammad Aslam said that Rs16 billion Sheikh Rashid Expressway was a good project for the people of Rawalpindi, but when the PML-N government led by Shahbaz Sharif came into power, the new government gave another project of Rs 22 billion namely Elevated Express way and despite inauguration of the project by the then Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif the work could not be started on this project. WASA besides PTCL and Sui Northern, digs out roads for water pipes and sewerage lines but leaves it unattended for a long while that would create problem for the people. Most of the water pipelines and sewerage lines in different parts of the city are found pouring out creating problems for the residents, road users and passers by but Rawalpindi Development Authority does not take cognisance of the situation despite public complaints in this regard.