ISLAMABAD - Pakistan on Friday said the US drone attacks inside its territory were tantamount to violation of its sovereignty. In a statement, the Foreign Office spokesman said that the drone attacks were counter-productive and a violation of Pakistan's sovereignty. He said that Pakistan had conveyed to the US govt at the highest level, its concerns as those were 'definitely counter-productive. Pakistan's statement on drone attacks came before the Obama administration's announcement about its new strategy on Afghanistan and Pakistan. President Obama also called the President Asif Ali Zardari and Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Thursday before the review policy was released. The US has increased drone attacks inside Pakistan recently from Afghanistan for fear that Pakistan could not eliminate the hideouts of al-Qaida and Taliban militants on its soil, said a foreign news wire service, in its report. Earlier, New York Times had reported that the US was considering whether to expand its covert war in Pakistan by striking the southwest province of Balochistan, the report said. "But the Pakistani government has repeatedly opposed the US drone attacks on its soil," it said.