WASHINGTON (AFP) - There are "indications" that elements of Pakistan's intelligence service are lending support to Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants, the top US military officer said on Friday. "There are certainly indications that's the case," Admiral Mike Mullen told CNN when asked if elements of Pakistan's spy agency - ISI - was backing the Al-Qaeda network and its Taliban allies. "Fundamentally that's one of the things that has to change." Earlier talking to reporters, Adm Mullen said President Barack Obama has met a request by the US commander in Afghanistan to roughly double the US force there with the commitments in his new strategy. "Everything he's asked for to date through 2009, he's got," Adm Mullen said, referring to General David McKiernan, the commander of US forces in Afghanistan. McKiernan had asked for four combat brigades plus "enabling" troops need to back up the combat forces, officials said. "What has been requested will largely be filled by the president's commitment of these 4,000 forces now," said spokesman Bryan Whitman.