The U.S. special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke has said that tackling terrorism in the region will be a daunting task for the Obama Administration in the coming months. Interacting with reporters at the White House, Mr. Holbrooke also linked the problem of instability in Afghanistan with the current situation in western Pakistan. "You could have a great government in Kabul; you could have a government that fulfills every criteria of democratic governance, and if the current situation in western Pakistan continued, the instability in Afghanistan would continue," he said in reply to a question on Friday. The Obama Administration now believes that the al-Qaeda and the Taliban leaders are now having a safe haven in this part of Pakistan, wherein the U.S.-led international forces are not able to do much. "We have to deal with this western Pakistan problem," Mr. Holbrooke asserted, adding that everyone in the Obama Administration freely admit that that is, of all the dilemmas, problems and challenges that they face, that's going to be the most daunting. "It's a sovereign country and there is a red line. The red line is unambiguous and stated publicly by the Pakistani government over and over again: No foreign troops on our soil," Mr. Holbrooke said.