MADONNA is "glad" she divorced Guy Ritchie. The "4 Minutes" singer was speaking to fans on her long-time friend and producer Guy Oseary's Twitter page when one admirer wrote: "Hello Madonna honey am glad you are single again - you made your best music as a single woman yeehaw [sic]" Just minutes later the singer apparently replied: "NOT AS GLAD AS I AM M." The 50-year-old singer spent 10 minutes online chatting to members of her fan club to thank them for their support and get feedback on their favorite songs for her forthcoming greatest hits album. Oseary wrote: "Sitting here with Madonna. Firstly, she wants to say hello to all the fan club members out there." "Madonna wants to thank all of you that took the time to send in their thoughts for the greatest hits album. We will be online for the next 10 minutes." Before she signed off, Madonna accused gossip blogger Perez Hilton of preferring Britney Spears because he made a special video clip for her to play during her current "Circus" tour. - EXPO Madonna joked: "You obviously love Britney more cause you made an opening film for her show and not mine. I still love you, - going to sleep - M [sic]"