ISLAMABAD - Urging an end to the culture of horse-trading in the country, PML-Q President Ch Shujaat Hussain here on Friday asked the PML-N leadership not to indulge in politics of stick and carrot for winning the support of 'Q' parliamentarians in the pursuit of vested political interests. While addressing a Press conference at his residence along with Information Secretary of the party, Tariq Azim, Ch Shujaat Hussain first time after a long spell of time used harsh language against PML-N saying, "PML-N is abducting our party lawmakers to form its own favourite parliamentary party for its vested interests". He further said that PML-N for the purpose was employing 'shameful', 'illegal' tactics and was also wooing PML-Q parliamentarians by using coercive means as well as bribes. He also asked both PPP and PML-N to end deceiving the people and urged the government to end governor rule in Punjab before March 30. PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain also linked the party's future cooperation to PML-N with the return of PML-Q's forward bloc members to the party fold. "The agenda of talks between PML-N and 'Q' would now be an end to the illegal, undemocratic and unconstitutional practice of horse-trading and changing of loyalties of MPAs in Punjab. If the PML-N leadership wants to unite the different factions of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML), they should return our dissidents to the party fold. Forming a forward bloc is against all democratic norms and the PML-N should shun such anti-democratic practices now," he argued. Flanked by the party's representatives from three provinces, Amir Muqam (NWFP), Ghous Bakhsh Mehr (Sindh) and Nasir Mengal (Balochistan), Shujaat told media persons that both the major political parties were making all-out efforts to gain power. Denouncing what he called, "the hypocrisy of the PML-N leadership", Shujaat said the Sharif brothers had backtracked from their earlier stance vis-a-vis Governor Rule in Punjab. "Previously, Sharif brothers had been demanding the revocation of Governor Rule in Punjab. However, for petty political gains, the same party has withdrawn from the demand. This is the same Governor Rule which was not acceptable to PML-N even for a moment, now they are terming the Governor Rule as a democratic step," he remarked. He said that no political party was focusing over the issues being faced by the people and all efforts were being made to grab power. He said that no political party was endeavouring for transfer of power from centre to the provinces. "Today, the focus of the PML-N leadership is to regain power in Punjab. Unfortunately, for the purpose, they are indulged into kidnapping our MPAs parallel to making other MPAs lucrative offers for changing the loyalties," he added. Shujaat also came hard on the PML-Q dissidents, warning them of disciplinary action if they did not return to the party fold. "I will also ask the dissidents to resign from the assembly and get themselves elected again on the ticket of the party of their choice if they want to cross the floor," he remarked. The former premier further said he had consulted his legal aides who were of the opinion that the laws did not allow the half or more party legislators to change loyalties and form a new parliamentary group. "There is no provision of such a new parliamentary group in Pakistan. However, there is such a law in India and if my party MPAs are interested to form a new group, they should migrate to India," he suggested. "I have formed a committee comprising SM Zafar, Dr Khalid Ranjha, Senator Wasim Sajjad, and Ch Anwer Bhinder and have asked them to initiate a legal action against the dissidents," he said. Shujaat also warned that the image of independent judiciary was being tarnished by a specific impression about the likely verdict in the review petition of Sharif brothers' disqualification case.