LAHORE - Supreme Court Bar leader Friday said, the present system in the country is more presidential than parliamentary democratic. In a Parliamentary democracy, prime minister as Chief Executive of the country is the real center of authority. But the system in Pakistan is still the same Presidential in form which Pervez Musharraf during his dictatorial government had put in place in his own interests and to fulfill the ambition to amass every power in his hand, said Secretary SCBA Shaukat Umar Peerzada talking to The Nation. Appreciating Charter of Democracy, signed by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif in May 2006, Peerzada said, this document contains all ingredients to establish supremacy of the Parliament, the real intent of our Constitution and fundamental need of a democratic system. The people voted in the last elections to see a change which they are awaiting. He said, the movement of lawyers and others by achieving the primary object of judges restoration, now has imparted a realisation to the masses about the worth of their collective voice. They got awareness about the problems and want them to be solved which however is possible only when a big change would come about to the system. Peerzada said today popular interest in national affairs is deeper than it was ever, which showed they were not ready to accept anything which impinges upon their rights. They want the rulers to respect their opinion and aspirations which inevitably relates to see an equitable administration of social and economic justice not exclusively through the courts but the government side also. The Bar leader from his experience said, the masses don't want the country to be run under the policies of or for the protection of interests of others states. Referring to US-led West, he said, they should also understand the changed realities to reckon wishes of the people of Pakistan while advancing their own interests in this region. Un-popular decisions, he said, may not find favour now. He said the rulers must also realise the fact that running counter to the public opinion may cause their own decline. Bar Secretary said, restoration of those judges not infected with PCO, has put up an acceptable contour on the judiciary which, in his views, now needed to maintain a 'balanced approach' for which the necessary help has to from the political side that they decide their issues at their end to let the judiciary address the public grievances. As to the PCO judges still in the institution, he said, both judiciary and the Parliament may look for a means to address this matter. He said unlike the past, the present judiciary commands a huge support from the masses. Therefore, the judiciary is very much expected to decide the matters strictly under the law and the Constitution instead of falling prey to any sort of expediencies. The judiciary must be sure that now its decisions would be implemented, he said concluding, the country can survive and thrive when all institutions would act to their optimum but within their constitutionally granted limits, which is a dire need of the hour.