KARACHI - Approval of World Bank's grant of $500 million interest free loan boosted the Karachi Stock Exchange as the KSE-100 Index gained 195 points on Friday. Heavy buying activity witnessed in the market as investors took positions especially in blue chip companies in oversold zone. The KSE-100 Index opened in the green zone with 23.67 points and at the end of the day closed at 6,803.46 with a gain of 194.97 points. Trading activity of the market was better as the ready market volume increased to 229.615m shares on Friday as compared to last trading session's 205.218m shares on Thursday. Market Capitalization once again crossed the 2 trillion mark and remained Rs2.043 trillion on Friday against last session's Rs1.986 trillion. Out o total 354 active symbols at KSE, 232 companies advanced, 104 declined and as many as 15 remained unchanged. Total trading value o the market squeezed to 8.121b rupees against 8.894b rupees of last session. Friday's second session can be termed as the turning point for the market as ferocious bull kept on driving the market. The heavy weight charming champion OGDC made its mark as the stock price move swiftly to skyway. Moreover, market was ruled by E&P companies moving swiftly in positive zone. Mixed trend was witnessed in the banking sector, few gainer and some losers contributed towards the market. Bank Al-Falah was witnessed as the volume leader of the day with the trading of over 17 million shares. Among other sound-traded shares were Maple Leaf with 15.802 million shares, DGKC 11.829 million shares, National Bank 11.202 million shares, OGDC 11.131 million shares, Pak PTA 9.550 million shares, NIB Bank 9.5 million shares, Nishat Mills 9.184 million shares, Dewan Cement 6.250 million shares namely. Major gainers at the KSE include Rafhan Maize, gaining 53.67 rupees/share with the trading of only 300 shares, Siemens Pakistan added 27 rupees/ share and closed at Rs750, Bata Pakistan gained 15 rupees/share taking its total value to Rs652, Shell Pakistan also gained 11.54 rupees/share and closed at Rs242.35, IBL HealthCare closed at Rs20.16 with a gain of 10.16 rupees/share, Colgate palm gained 9.56 rupees/share and closed at Rs290. On the other hand, Unilever Pakistan (SPOT) lost 38 rupees/share, closing at Rs1872 with the trading of only 20 shares on Friday, Nestle Pakistan lost 25.76 rupees and closed at Rs1135, Wyeth Pakistan lost 9.67 rupees/share and its total value was decreased to Rs1350, Pak Services Limited lost 6.40 rupees and closed at Rs122.60, Abbot Lab lost 1.68 rupees/share and closed at Rs75.02, Shaheen Insurance closed at Rs35.11 losing 1.29 rupees/share. "After a long time FIPS numbers has something to cheer about as some foreigners start accumulating stocks. Over the last few weeks' average volumes has been building high rise, which depicted investor's confidence", stated Shahid Ali, CEO Habib Metropolitan Financial Services. During the current week, the KSE-100 Index recorded a handsome gain of 7.3pc as index getting near to 7,000 mark. In addition, change in stance regarding CFS MK-II from elimination to modification and reintroduction, can invite the scattered away financiers, with declining trend in interest rate availability of low risk avenue of investment is hard to ignore.