LAHORE - The biggest reason of power outages in the country is dead water level in Mangla and Tarbella Dams. The only solution to it is a separate ministry for energy sector that will not only import oil to meet its demands but will also manage to reduce fuel adjustment charges imposed on people.

These views were expressed by PEPCO Managing Director Rasool Khan Mehsood while talking to Waqt News

Another reason of power outages, the MD said was less supply of oil or gas to the power houses and IPPs. He said PSO was supplying 13 to 15 matric tons of furnace oil a day to PEPCO instead of 3,5000 matric tons. Dead water level in the rivers owing to long winter and IRSA’s decision to release water for irrigation were some of the other reasons of power shortage, he added. The result is less power production of 1100 to 1200 mega watt (MW) instead of 6,500 MW.

The MD said that PEPCO wanted to facilitate masses but the reason of loadsheding was the supply of oil by the PSO. Talking about the circular debs, he said they have been increased upto Rs350 billion due to lack of recoveries. He said that besides the four provinces, the AJK government also had to pay the Pepco dues. He confessed that the lack of planning by Pepco regarding over billing was the major reason of peoples’ woes. Rasool Khan said that the rate of recoveries from Punjab was 95 percent adding that the federal government could reduce line losses and improve recoveries in other provinces.