LAHORE - Former Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif has said he served the people in the past five years with the blessings of God Almighty.

In an interview with Nawa-i-Waqt, the former chief minister said he would utilise all his energies to make Pakistan prosperous if God Almighty provided him with another opportunity.

He said despite the troubles created by ‘Zarbab Baba’, the PML-N government worked hard for prosperity of the province and even helped the other provinces in their difficult times. “Although the enemies tried their best to set the provinces against each other, we thwarted all such conspiracies and moved forward,” he remarked.

Shahbaz claimed the PML-N had become the most popular political group of the country and that the people would defeat the looters, swindlers and thieves in the next elections.

To a question, the top PML-N leader said his party believed in democracy and had great regard even for its opponents. “However, I won’t hesitate to say that the people would get rid of the looters in the coming elections,” he went on to say.

To a query about PTI chief Imran Khan, Shahbaz said he would just say that Nawaz Sharif’s public gathering in Mansehra was an eye-opener for supporters and opponents of the ‘tsunami’.

Giving details of five-year achievements of his government, the former chief minister made mention of the projects of Sasti roti scheme, Danish schools, Aashiana scheme, Yellow cab scheme, Green tractor scheme and extermination dengue larva.

About the metro bus project, he remarked, “A student showed his efficiency after learning from his teacher.” The PML-N, he added, would now run a bullet train from Karachi to Lahore if the people voted it to power again. A mass transit train would also be made operational in Karachi, he added.  Nevertheless Shahbaz admitted that he could not change the ‘thana culture’ and end the ‘patwari mafia’, saying efforts to set the things right were made though.