LAHORE - Khalid Malik - For the first time in Lahore’s history, residents in parts of three main localities – Ichhra, Samanabad and Mazang – saw their streets and houses inundated with sewer water, when the gutter lines in these localities outburst due to blocked in Samanbad Nullah.

This happened when development work on the extension project of sewerage line at Samanabad Nullah was in progress.

Within no time, the water started pouring out of the drain and spread on roads and streets entering homes.

It is learnt that WASA official failed control the pressure as the sewerage system reversed the water. This resulted in overflow of sewerage water in gutter lines, on the streets and in residencies.

Eye witnesses said that water level at the main drain rose up due to blockage at the point where LESCO officials were busy doing their work.  Residents blamed the disgusting chaos on labourers working on the site while project director cited overflow because of pressure. The stinking water not only caused massive nuisance to the residents but also caused damage to home appliances and buildings.

People faced great inconvenience as they were forced to leave their homes shifting families to safer places.

Later, hundreds of the residents came out of their homes and staged a protest at Main Ferozpur Road.  Protestors chanted slogans against the CM, provincial government and concerned departments.

The angry mob also blocked the traffic on Ferozpur Road by burning tyres which caused traffic jams on the road and its artilleries.  However, the officers of TEPA, Wasa and other departments concerned reached the spot and monitored the rescue work by flushing out water from residential localities.  Protestors dispersed after assurance from the DCO that their issue would be resolved at the earliest.

The Punjab government has been working on its dual carriage way near LOS Stop. The ongoing project is aiming to link Ferozpur Road to Multan Road.

In this regard, Project Director Israr Saeed told this scribe that the incident occurred due to drain pressure when the officials were replacing old sewerage lines with the new ones.

He said that laying new pipelines, the officials have to close the old sewerage pipeline and as result of closure of the sewerage the water pressure mounted. However, he claimed that officials succeeded to convince protestors to end their demo on the condition that they would be rescued within one and half hour.

He said that the TEPA administration is working for the completion of the construction of dual carriage way with the construction of the drain and laying new sewerage pipelines. Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif while taking notice of entry of drainage water in houses has directed district administration and concerned institutions to immediately make arrangements.