KARACHI (PR): The House Building Finance Company Ltd (HBFCL) has re-launched the small builders finance scheme to facilitate the small contractors/individuals who are in the business of building and selling of houses/flats. Earlier this scheme was launched in 2007 but later on its operations were suspended. On the occasion of launching of this scheme, Managing Director HBFCL Syed Sayef Hussain said that there is a shortage of 7.5 million housing units in the country and this figure is growing all the time.  One effective way to address this shortage is to facilitate the small contractors/individuals who are engaged in the real estate; housing and construction industry.

Highlighting the objectives of HBFCL new investment scheme, Sayef Hussain added that the main objectives of this scheme are to encourage the small contractors/builders who are in the business of building/selling one to six houses at a time, to increase the housing stock in the country, to enhance the product range of Company and to expend the scope of HBFCL business and increase its profitability as well as facilitate the people to earn handsomely through their construction expertise.