I remember the March 23 parades, the glory of our forces, in full uniform and the heavy war paraphernalia on the streets of all major cities till the mid 90’. This year it was after a very long time that we witnessed a ‘mini’ parade on March 23 at the presidency. The last one was reviewed by General Pervez Musharraf, after which he was ‘forced’ to cancel the parades on security pretexts. President Asif Ali Zardari could not muster enough courage to review such parades - even at the presidency - as he did not have the courage to face the armed forces. This he evidently substantiated by not even once visiting the troops deployed in operational areas or the services headquarters. Although he was the so called ‘supreme commander’ yet he displayed extreme cowardice. The same characteristics traits can be seen reflected in Bilawal Bhutto as well. Who does strut around like a peacock shouting abuse at other leaders but is not brave to face the people.

I would like to congratulate the President for holding the parade at the presidency. I hope that in the coming years, the parade would be reverted to its dignity and glory as hitherto fore.


Rawalpindi, March 23.