I would like to request the Council Of Islamic Ideology to reframe their statement about girl’s marriage age. I, being a Muslim believe that Allah (SWT) did not want to torture us. The Arabs, being from warm climate and eating food such as dates achieve puberty early. There is no given time for puberty, but like a driving license and getting a NIC card, there must be a legal and responsible age for marriage. I firmly believe that marriage, which is a social contract between two people to spend their life together cannot be achieved at the age of eight or ten or even twelve.

We would like to see our future generations grow into healthy people who can take intelligent decisions. To force marriage on a girl, young enough to be playing with dolls is cruelty and was not prescribed by Islam, if the circumstances are difficult the parents may wed her for her security or sustenance, not to gain profit. If this issue does not get resolved illiterate mothers will produce an illiterate nation which will be an irreparable loss for the country.


Karachi, March 24.