LAHORE  - The Motorcyclists Association of Pakistan (MAP) has arranged an interactive meeting at Rawalpindi Sports Complex  in Islamabad on the theme "All Pakistan Motorbike Traveler's Meet Up 2014.”

The meeting was arranged for the promotion of tourism in Pakistan which was followed by recreational trip to Khajot, Murree.

MAP hopes that this will be a timely contribution to the improvement of auto motorsports, tourism and to encourage travelers to witness the beauty in far-flung areas of Pakistan. Founder of MAP, Dr Umar Khan said: “Dear bikers and travelers, travelling is the biggest source of learning and recreation. We encourage all of you to travel extensively and responsibly.

Wherever you go, leave it in a better shape for other visitors. MAP belongs to Mappers and everyone here is for the service of others. All bikers and travelers, irrespective of the brand and means of transport, nationality, age, gender or creed can feel free to approach for his quest of exploration and appreciation of beauty.”

MAP President Mukaram Tareen explained different tourist avenues for exploration. Joint Secretary Imran Iftikhar hosted and managed the event along with his team. General Secretary Akbar Masud also spoke on the occasion.

The MAP meeting was attended by senior MAP members, social activists, renowned travelers and dignitaries from all across Pakistan. The association is committed to spread peace, love and harmony through motorsports, travelling and exploring Pakistan together.