WASHINGTON - Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States Jalil Abbas Jilani said Wednesday that Islamabad wanted Washington’s investment in energy sector and looking forward to US support for big projects like Diamer Bhasha Dam.

Talking to journalists in Washington, he said his country desired to promote trade with the United States. He said the expanded ties in trade and investment would help speed up Pakistan’s efforts towards economic development.

He said, “We want to see a robust increase in our trade relations with greater export of Pakistani products to the US market that will help spur economic growth and bring jobs to people”.

On the issue of proposed 10 million dollars reduction in annual allocation for Pakistan by a US House of Representative committee, the envoy said the reduction would not affect the overall assistance for Pakistan.

He said the US assistance had been useful, but futuristically Pakistan was looking to expand trade and investment relations with the United States.

Earlier, speaking at a gathering of American academics, officials and Pakistani students, the envoy said the young Pakistanis getting higher education in various US universities would serve as a great bridge in reinforcing bilateral understanding.

Speaking on the occasion, US Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Evan Ryan said since 1950, over 2,800 Pakistani and over 800 American scholars have been benefited under the scholarship program for Pakistan.