Karachi- The six Pakistani crew members of the recently released vessel MT Morning Glory are expected to reach home on Monday, said Director of the Ansar Burney Trust International Shagufta Burney, Advocate.

Earlier it was expected that all 21 crew members including the six Pakistanis on MT Morning Glory would be released on Thursday from Libyan detention and handed over to the respective Embassies including that of Pakistan in Tripoli after all had been cleared by the Libyan Court at Tripoli.

Shagufta Burney said that due to a delay in release of six Pakistanis from the Tripoli detention center and holidays on Friday and Saturday now these crew memebers will be released and handed over to the Pakistan Embassy on Sunday. The Pakistani crew is expected to reach home on Monday.

She thanked Libyan Attorney General's office.

The six Pakistani crew of the vessel are: Mirza Noman Baig (Captain), Ghufran Marghoob Ahmed (Chief Officer), Syed Muhammad Mehdi Shamsi (2nd Officer), Syed Asif Hassan (3rd Officer), Naik Zada (Crew Member), Muhammad Irshad (Crew Member).