RAWALPINDI - The employees of Pakistan Railways, PIA, WAPDA and Steel Mills would surround the Prime Minister House besides limiting the other rulers to their houses if the government decides to privatise the national revenue generating institutions.

“The rulers on the nod of USA, IMF and World Bank are selling the national institution at the hands of foreign companies. The rulers will be kicked out from their offices if they privatised the Pakistan Railways,” said Pakistan Railway PREM Union (CBA) Central Leader Hafiz Salman Butt while addressing a workers convention held here on Thursday. Scores of the Railways workers attended the convention.

Addressing the participants, Hafiz Salman Butt said that all labourers in Pakistan were united and if the govt tried to snatch loaf from them, they would give tough time to rulers. He said that the Pakistan Railways generated Rs1.5 billion revenue owing to hard work of employees. He said that the PREM union would guard the rights of poor employees. National Labour Federation Pakistan Central President Shamas-ur-Rehman Swati said that under a well-planned conspiracy the poor people of Pakistan were being given in the slavery of USA by implementing capitalism in the country. “All labour unions are united under one umbrella and will wage war against anti-poor policies of govt,” he added.