MANDI BAHAUDDIN- Mustaqbil Pakistan Chairman Nadeem Mumtaz toured several villages and met with the people who apprised him of their problems.

He witnessed the dilapidated condition of roads in Lakhnewale. Rainwater has destroyed the roads making them almost impassable. People complained against the elected representatives and the local authorities for their failure in addressing the problems. In Lakhnewale, he also met with Faiz Ahmed Qureshi, a philanthropist, who uses his own resources to build vital infrastructure such as gutters, water supply lines and passageways. Qureshi spoke out against corruption in the Irrigation Department. This is an agricultural area and the farmers depend on canal water for their crops, he said and added that the irrigation officials do not follow the rules in determining the size of the sluicegate known as Mogas.

The party chairman inspected a Moga in a nearby canal.