The Urdu sentence, ‘hum zinda qum hain’ is repeated and shared particularly on special occasions with the excessive feelings of patriotism and emotional attachment to the country. However, the sentence contradicts the reality of the prevailing situation. The intention is not to paint a gruesome picture of the country, with a pessimistic vision by generalising a few minor acts of certain individuals. The focus is to rationalise the collective attitude, sense of responsibility and approach of both the public and state for dealing with the most burning issues in extraordinary situations.

Friedrich Nietzsche’s quote, “Madness is rare in individuals - but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule,” this supports the argument that the nation has lost the sense of respect for humanity. In theory, it is believed but in practice it is ignored. The collective sense of responsibility for respecting and securing the basic human rights has been eroded over the years. Everything is valued except the human dignity and principles of humanity and at times, it is felt that the citizens have slowly been orphaned. Hardly any voice is found in support of their rights.

Society has also witnessed social, ethical and political decline over the years. Rise in food adulteration, sale of spurious medicines, and maltreatment in public transport shows the absence of any system. Did we get this country to wash the land with the blood of innocent people? It seems as if human life has lost its worth and brutality rules.


Islamabad, March 25.