The most awaited match is here. Tomorrow the two titans face off competing to become the champions of the world. New Zealand under the fearless leadership of McCullum vs. Australia with their experienced and cool headed captain Clarke. Whoever can handle the nerves will lead their team to World Cup glory. Australia already have four world cups under their belt. They should feel fairly confident going into tomorrow's match keeping their history in mind. However, playing in the MCG, the home of Australian cricket will not be an easy task. Playing in front of your home crowd gives you the edge in terms of support but the pressure is that much more as well. We'll get to see the real class of each and every player tomorrow. If a player from either of the teams wants to make a mark in cricket history, tomorrow is the day. The Kiwis are on an incredible high. They have won all their matches in the tournament and have played the most aggressive cricket. It's fascinating to see them play. They just have to switch it on for one more match and they will be remembered forever. It's simpler said than done. Hopefully for them, they've got enough fuel left in their tank for one more outing. In my opinion, New Zealand are the favourites to win. They have the x-factor which will get them the cup. Buckle up for the last but definitely the best match of the World Cup.

–Shaan Tahir