By Urooj Fatima

Yes, I am the national flag of Islami Jamhoria Pakistan. My body is dark green in colour with a white bar on the left side. There is a crescent moon and a five pointed star in the middle of my body. I am the memorial of that great struggle of Indian Muslims that culminated into an independent state for them. Therefore my life history is very important . I am the identity of such a nation that has given numerous sacrifices for the creation of a sacred homeland , under the guidance of the great leader, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. It was the time when Muslims were struggling for independence under the cruel rule of Hindus and British in the united India. And eventually their struggle succeeded  in 1947 when British government decided to leave India, splitting into two states i.e India and Pakistan.  And as per requirement, I had asked to be designed to represent this new state of Pakistan. Just four days before the independence, on 11th August 1947, my design was presented by Amiruddin Qudwai, an active worker of Pakistan movement, in the constituent assembly for the national flag. There I was adapted as the national flag of Pakistan. My form and idea was basically grounded on the flag of Indian Muslim League. My dimension was decided to be 3: 2 in a rectangular form, with 1/4 part of mine, vertically in white colour while ¾ of my body constituent was of dark green colour. A white crescent moon and five rayed star was also attributed in the centre of my body as it is a traditional symbol of Islam. In fact my entire physique is symbolic. It inherent grand messages i.e the green part that is more prominent represents the Muslims majority in Pakistan while the minor white part represents the religious minorities which are also given the equal rights of living in the premises of Pakistan. In the centre the crescent and the star stands as the traditional  Islamic symbol which symbolizes the progress and light respectively. As I am the flag of freedom, my motto is to pursue the goodwill and let not others deprive of their rights. Thus my whole being is the emblem of peace, love and progress. I am mentioned in the national anthem of Pakistan as the ‘Parcham-e-sitaro Hilal”, the flag with the crescent and star i.e the leader of progress and ascent. My fabric is also very strong because it is woven with the threads of unity, faith and discipline.

I am hoisted on all the official buildings, government offices, assemblies and even on the common houses of Pakistan. I am raised proudly on the Independence Day, on Pakistan day and on other respective days which commemorate any significant historical event. As I am the symbol of prestige and honour people place me above their houses and buildings, making my position supreme. Beyond any doubt my people love me too much. I too start flapping heartily when I see little kids, running along, holding me in their hands. My moon and star start glowing when the people of my country bring some success to my country.

I do play my role too in this respect. As I am bestowed with such magical power that generates a flow of patriotic passion. So whenever the glance of a Pakistani falls upon me, I infuse those rays of patriotic passion into his body and soul that turns his eyes sparkling with love and devotion towards his country and fills his heart with deep attachment to his land.

In such a way I perform my duty to my nation and country and hope that every individual of my nation will play his/her role honestly to keep my position higher in the world. This year, I  am celebrating the 70th  of my birthday with Pakistan. I am glad and pray for the sanctity and solemnity of my country and nation.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on August 12, 2017