By Asjad Ali

Today I want to share with you about my summer vacations and now back to school. In my Exams I was wishing that we should have vacations earlier because of the holy month Ramadan. But because of our final exams we have to come to school in several days of Ramadan. It was fun with friends in the last days. When the holidays started we were disconnected with each other because some of us went out of station. I fasted for few of the days of Ramadan. In Ramadan my uncle reached to our place. I was really excited to make trips with him. Several days we went to malls and had Aftar together at home. Then he went back and Eid-ul–Fitr came close. So I bought some clothes from the market and gave it to tailor for stitching. On Eid days we went to our village to meet Eid. On first day we went to our relatives homes. Later we went to a swimming pool and enjoyed a lot. After swimming we had Bar B Q. After two days we came back and I was really upset due to no enjoyment. After some days my Mamu came and gave us a surprise at early morning as I was expecting that they will come at afternoon. We visited Lahore Zoo and also had horse riding. Later that they we went to mall and after mall we gave a dinner in a restaurant. Next Day we went to Greater Iqbal Park and Badshahi Mosque. On fourth day we went to Jallo Park and Wahgah Border. We saw our brave soldiers who are always working to save us from any attack. At night we had a dinner outside and went back homes. Next day we plan to go to Hiran Minar. We saw many monuments and a lake there. We had a picnic there and had boating. It was really good experience. Two days later my uncle went back. Now I am getting prepared for school and have bought new uniforms and school stationary. I am waiting to meet my friends and have great time again in school.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on August 19, 2017