By Dua Khawar

Writing a paragraph by your own is definitely difficult but now days kids are very clever in writing stories. We can say little authors who write for our favourite magazine Young Nation publishes our imaginative articles or very fantastic blogs on different topics. We are so lucky that Allah Almighty gave us this wonderful gift that means very much to me. I am sure to those who write articles, writing a paragraph on your own is good for your brain too because it helps us in being creative, being more imaginative and from this we can make our language and literacy better than before. So I think I am also being sharp these days because of essay writing by my own. I write my articles on computer because it contains a dictionary that suggests synonyms with the same meaning that is why now I am showing good result in English. I prefer you all to write essay once you will start writing or typing you will not stop because more ideas will occur in your mind and you will note down all these ideas and then you will see that there is a perfect article ready, believe me and try now.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on September 9, 2017