KARACHI-Chapter 2 is ready to expand the boundaries of fashion with their latest collection titled ‘Urban Canvas’, hitting the runway On the final day of the Hum Showcase on 30th March.

‘Urban Canvas’ bridges the gap between art and industrial design by combining them with craft. The collection draws inspiration from the interpretations of movement and freedom and the functional aspect of architecture.

“Chapter 2 is about functionality. We have captured the evolution of the urban harmonized chaos in this collection. Our design aesthetics are driven from interpretations of modernity, freedom and the functional aspect of architecture. It features designs derived from the concrete jungle with utilitarian design elements, where colors, grids and lines are constantly in contrast, yet in balance. I strongly feel that the city emerges from within you like you emerge from the city on an Urban Canvas” said CEO Khaadi, Shamoon Sultan.

Using cement based hues to create layers; Chapter 2 breaks free from the ornament, engaging instead the very fundamentals of design and geometry on a traditional hand-woven canvas. It reflects the strength of individualism where every design has an added focus of celebrating craft as the basis. Tailored cuts and pleats akin to louvers worn by a building soaring into the wild blue of a city sky, dominates the collection.