By Raazia Syed

Helping others is a good act for our society. We offer extra money and food to our poor fellows and feel contented, our religion has also directed us to help the poor and needy people.

The United Nations declared 5th Sep (Day of Death of Mother Theresa) as the World Charity Day. The objective of celebrating this day is to remember the services of Mother Theresa that she offered for poor mankind.

Charity or providing financial help is very advantageous for all of us. First of all we feel happy to help the needy; moreover with this joy and happiness we feel serenity and inner satisfaction.

Secondly, life is full of adventures and we all face difficulties in our life but charity reminds us the importance of many things which we have but others don’t have. So we learn how much we are blessed by Allah Almighty in this temporary world.

If you are parents, then give extra food and money to beggars and needy in your children presence, in this way your children will also learn to help the deprived people. Children always follow their parents and siblings so they can copy your good deeds and make you proud. Do you know that in developed countries, the persons who help the poor pay less income tax? Because they provide valuable services not only to the deprived people but also to the country. In short, when you relief the needy people you understand the true meaning of life.

 Published in Young Nation Magazine on September 16, 2017