By Raazia Syed

Dry fruits are a great source of energy because they contain large amount of proteins, minerals and essential fatty acids. These all vitamins, minerals and proteins are good for our healthy mind and strong body.

Although dry fruits can be used in all seasons, but in winters we like to eat more dry fruits due to chilled weather. Dry fruits are high calorie snacks so even if we eat small (handful) amount of it we can get required calories that are essential for maintaining our health.

Dry fruits are precious gift from nature; its use in small quantity is healthy. Here we are discussing benefits of some dry fruit.


Almonds are rich in anti-oxidants and have zero cholesterol; it controls high blood sugar and is helpful in dieting as it controls obesity and constipation.


Walnuts are full of Omega 3, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals; it is also good for diabetics and strengthens mental health as well.


It not only controls diabetes and bad cholesterol but also boosts immunity.


Apricots provide for 47 % of your daily vitamin A needs in a single serving and are a good source of vitamin E ,potassium and copper.

There are many dry fruits you can enjoy in this chilled weather like dry dates, apricot, cashews etc.

So eat dry fruits and make your winters memorable.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on December 9, 2017