LAHORE - The Punjab Healthcare Commission has sealed more than 8,200 businesses of quacks, and imposed a fine of more than Rs63.12 million on them so far during the ongoing campaign against quackery.

Moreover, the PHC has registered and licensed more than 41,000 healthcare establishments (HCEs), and trained 16,288 health professionals of over 12,000 HCEs to implement the Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS).

According to a press release issued here on Tuesday, the PHC has given licences to more than 27,000 HCEs, while registering about 41,000. In order to improve working of the HCEs, and provision of better healthcare facilities to the masses, the PHC has carried out over 10,000 inspections, which includes 5,747 pre-assessment and 4,560 regular inspections.

The PHC has also developed MSDS for 12 major kinds of HCEs, while standards for the dialysis centres, MCH centres, psychiatric and addiction treatment facilities are in their final stages.

For the capacity building of the health professionals and implementation of the MSDS, the Commission has arranged about 400 training sessions for 16,300 health professionals of more than 12,000 HCEs. During the trainings, the trainees are also encouraged to develop an MSDS implementation plan for their health facilities. Also, 225 surveyors have been trained.

Moreover, the PHC has received about 1,300 complaints alleging medical negligence in treatment, and only 179 are under active investigation, while the rest have been decided in due course.

“Seeing its success in the implementation of its mandate, other provinces and Islamabad Capital Authority are in the process of replicating the PHC Act and model. A few consultative meetings have been held with the provinces, and the Commission is supporting them fully in implementing the reform agenda,” said the spokesperson of the PHC.

Food Authority in action

Food Safety Teams of Punjab Food Authority has caught red-handed Ahmed Fat Rendering Unit while extracting oil from animal wastes and fats. FIR has been registered against the unit with relevant police station. Besides, PFA has also sealed Faizan Milk Shop on failure to meet the food standards during operation in the metropolis. Meanwhile, PFA closed down nine food businesses and imposed fine of Rs470000 on 73 food points. 

Additional Director General (operations) Rafia Haider said that rendering unit in the densely populated area of Talat Park was preparing ghee and editable oil from animal wastes. Further, oil and ghee was filled in packs of different brands for supply to local shops and restaurants.

As well, Faizan Milk shops was sealed due to presence of insects, improper cleanliness arrangements and other multiple food hygiene issues. Similarly, out of nine sealed food businesses, three were in Multan, four in Gujranwala and one each in Rawalpindi and Sahiwal divisions. Further, teams also observed multiple issues like using non-food grade colour, rotten vegetables, cooking food in rancid oil and many others. Apart from that, workers of the food outlets did not have medical certificates.