Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique said on Wednesday that meeting between Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Chief Justice Saqib Nisar was held in the larger interest of the country.

Addressing a press conference at Pakistan Railways Headquarters, he said that some elements were portraying the meeting in negative manners, adding that dialogue between heads of institutions expressed the rule of law and the constitution.

He said that judiciary gets strength from democratic system and an independent and impartial judiciary could take the country forward.

“Nobody is demanding any concession and no one is giving any”, he said adding that dialogues were important for running state affairs. He said that enemy was laughing at the situation of the country and the confrontation among institutions would not strengthen the country.

Saad remarked that only two months left in the completion of current tenure of the government and the political temperature was rising.

Commenting on a section of media, he said that media trial was being launched against him and his family.

“My family is being targeted which has been serving the nation since the day one and it had never taken any plot, quota, loan or other benefit,” he added.

The minister said that he had submitted details of his property to the supreme court and National Accountability Bureau with affidavit.

He said that if NAB asked more questions, he would answer these questions. “We have nothing to hide, everything is clear and transparent,” he added.

He said that his stance on NAB was open, adding that it was a black law which was always used to snub political opponents. “Whenever slogan of accountability raised, its targets were some other things,” he said.

Saad stated that he had already said that both large political parties were equally responsible for the NAB law and these parties had failed in eliminating this black law.