By Asjad Ali

Hi mates, hope you all are good. Last Saturday when I was reading ‘Young Nation’ a question was raised in my mind that why are we reading it? In which ways it helps us? After some time of thinking and exploring stuff from internet I got to know about the advantages of reading and I thought it to share with my Young Nation fellows.

1:- It polishes our vocabulary skills.

2:- It develops our imagination to visualize different situations.

3:- We gain knowledge about a range of topics.

4:- It reduces our stress and improves memory.

5:- It is the easiest way to improve your concentration.

6:- When a book reader writes something, his story is always interesting, full of suspense and an imaginary world.

I will pack up my article with a famous saying of Margaret Fuller, “Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader.”

Published in Young Nation Magazine on November 4, 2017