By Dua Khawar

Hello everybody! I hope you all are doing well today my blog is on a topic everyone hates yes it is exams whenever the exams comes the gates of stress opens and the playtime are closed our parents force us to sit us on the study table and study till morning to bedtime and the worst thing is no tv no mobile and no food ok I’m kidding we get food but no tv and no mobile even no games  every kid waits for the holidays to come mostly papers or  you can say exams are only for 1 or 2 weeks and then you get your vacations now the most worst thing for me is on Monday its my Mathematics exam yes can you just believe it first of all i want you to wish me a luck now my two papers are past one of it is Urdu and one of it is Islamiyaat they both were very easy but i think mathematics would be very difficult who else agree that maths and science are most difficult subjects in the world i agree on 15 of december my winter vacations would be started and it would be awesome i would play as much as i can and noone would stop me yayyyy who else love vacations i love but before vacations there is a very horrifieing thing everyone knows  what is it so guys this is for today thank you so much for reading my artical

Published in Young Nation Magazine on December 16, 2017