Japanese manufacturing firm Toyoda Gosei at the Tokyo Motor Show showed off a new dent-proof car, Flesby II – and, the outside of the vehicle is covered in undulating airbags. According to Toyoda Gosei, the design uses shape-shifting rubber that moves with electric power to protect the exterior from collisions, rather than relying solely on traditional placement inside the car. The body panels of the Flesby II ultra-compact vehicle are covered by a soft, next-generation rubber that can absorb the impact of a collision. Toyoda Gosei, a manufacturer of rubber and plastic automotive parts and LEDs, came up with the idea for the concept car in 2013. The company said on its website the rubber is able to move with electric power and change the shape of the car body.

Courtesy dailymail.co.uk

Published in Young Nation Magazine on November 4, 2017