By Laiba Faisal

Army Public School and College for Girls, Multan

There are some people who love reading, but cannot afford to buy books. Books even in this age of cheap literature, cost money, and the poor have no money to spare on them. It was for such people that free libraries need to be established. They are called free libraries because readers have no subscription to pay. Any decent citizen of the town, however poor, can get books form the library without charge and read them.

There is no doubt that free libraries are such a blessing. When the books are wisely, selected, they have a great educational value and have done much to encourage the habit of reading among the working classes. Of course, most of the books are novels so, most the readers are novel-readers but there is not much harm in this, for the reading of good fiction is not only source of healthy amusement but is also a means of broadening the mind and learning more about life and human nature.

Books on other genre are also available in the library and these sections have tags to help the library visitors on finding their book. You will find books on science, arts, sports, language, culture, biographies, depending upon the person who set up the library to encourage his neighborhood to read.

Yet, we still have people around us who would prefer spending thousands of rupees on a single dinner rather buying an educational book which will be a food for their thought for a lifetime.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on August 26, 2017