By Ansa Razzaq

Telling you a story of a frog named Kim. He was living in a forest with his family and friends. He was not like the other frogs in the forest. His life was different from others. It is totally unexpected that he did not eat flies. No one knew the reality that he liked flies and they also liked Kim. He loved to eat grass and prefer the life of nature instead of living in water. Nobody knows what has happened to him.

One day all the old frogs had a meeting with the other community frogs. Frog’s community did not like his habits and they want to a decision against this. After a long conversation, they decided to send him away. At this he was very sad. He travelled somewhere; he had no one with him to say good night or good morning. He was afraid of darkness. Suddenly a cat came along and said hello. He replied to his hello in hesitation. Cat talked to Kim for some time. Cat invited him for dinner. They both went to cat’s house for dinner where Kim meets her cute 3 kittens. Penny, Nancy and Anna. They had their dinner. Kim loved them all. Cat sets a bed for Kim and told him to stay. Next day Kim was sad and tells all of them about what has happened to him. And he misses his family a lot.

Cat was very kind hearted and were very sad to hear about his story. Kim decided to leave her house. They all were sad to hear that Kim was leaving. Then cat offered him to take one of her kitten with him. Kim was very happy. He took Penny with him, and they set off. Along the road they stayed for some time and again started their journey. At night they took their sleeping camp, lit a fire and went to sleep.  When he gets up he found himself near a pond. Then he realized that it was his house. He was very happy. He meets their friends.

He realized that all the happenings were his bad dream because he did not thank God for his blessing. He then thanked God for all the blessings and lived happily ever after.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on October 7, 2017