By Zohniyya Faisal

A person's standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do is defined as morals. Moral education is all important for human development. Good morals lead to good thoughts and good thoughts lead to good actions. From their greatest age children must be taught to love and follow what is right and hate and avoid what is wrong. They must know the differences, so, when they grow up they would be truthful, loving, honest, brave, pure minded and unselfish. Home is the best place for the child to get moral education. Parents set good examples for their children. Children cannot learn moral education from their school, as school masters cannot come in close touch with their pupils. While parents share their love, feelings and emotions with their children. Children must be taught what is right by moral lesson, advice and warning. Kindness, understanding and tact can be done to keep the child straight and well-mannered.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on September 9, 2017