By Hasaan Asim Khan

It’s funny how you easily fall into the deceiving words of others, how they try to motivate you, how they’re always saying that you can do it. When in-fact this is utter nonsense, and your achievements, and your successes all lie on you. Your list of multiple accolades, are your hardwork (if you have any) are not of others, who’ve been spoon-feeding you since Day 1, but yours. It’s your choice if you want to do something, completely and solely your own opinion. You want to stay home in your PJ’s, lying in the comfort of the service of others, killing your time binge-watching “Downton Abbey” (for the love of God), that’s completely your choice. But if you want to go out, and bring change to your typical habit, than that too is a decision. Wise, or not, I can’t say. Because I chose the former.

You see vividly the expressions on your friend’s face, now your rival as he bags the State Debating Championship. You are left marooned with the rest of your foolish band of friends, who soon don’t remain so. You are left awestruck as, Ali, one of your greatest friends, progresses in swimming, by winning several local competitions. Even worse, Joshua, a close companion leaves you flabbergasted since you’ve been picking on him for the past 4 years, but he’s the one who won a cash prize of 1000 USD at the International Space Conference, and you’ve been munching on Doritos, still trying to figure out the meaning of life.

You hold your father’s razor near your wrist, silently, trying not to make a sound. You’re tired of what others say, you’re tired of what life has planned out for you. You beg to know the conditions of your fate, but are unable to, because you see everybody around you, finding purpose, finding meaning. You are ready for the final moment, the anticipated “incident”. But you’re unable to make the final prospect, unable to take out such an atrocity. This is because you think of those around you, who care about you, who feel your pain. This is because you know people have endured far worse pain and misery. You realize your foolishness, run to your mother, kiss her on the cheek, and get ready for dinner.

This is for all those who feel left out, for all those who experience such emotions. Know that you are not alone. Know, that you should care about yourself, and not what others think, because in the end, it’s simply your opinion that matters the most.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on November 25, 2017