By Nida Tahseen

Hunain Zia, the 17- year –old  son of Pakistan has aced 66As in the O/A levels IGCSE exams and that too in one year is a house hold name. He is the new education sensation in Pakistan and an inspiration for many children and adults. His achievement is bigger and better than his predecessors. Other than acing 66 straight As, Hunain has done extremely well in breaking some other records as well.

Records Tumbled

·         Maximum appearances in one session (27 days), 45 subjects, 154 papers

·         Highest hours of constant examinations (19)   

·         Most A*/A/a grades in one session

·         Most A*/A/a grades in one year

·         Most hours of constant examination

·         Overall 42 A*/A/a grades

People of Pakistan are overwhelmed with amazement and they have all praises for him but this son of soil has other plans of giving back to his nation. He believes, “We rise by lifting others.” It is a lesson that we all must embrace as a lifestyle of supporting others and develop as a society.

He wants to develop an education system for the unprivileged children in Pakistan. Coming from a middle class family, Hunain aims for an important cause and he shared his views in a recent facebook post. We have jotted down few excerpts from his message below:

“Researching our society made two things clear to me. First was that in a society where the "monetary" elites constantly suppress the rights of those below them, having a voice was of utmost importance for someone belonging to the middle class to ensure survival. I got that voice in August last year by my result.”

Talking about his compassion for quality education for all, he said, “There are many out there who are much better than me ... melodious singers, enthusiastic writers, spell bounding poets, dexterous critics etc yet they were not able to get their deserved place either because they could not afford it, or the "parchi" system curbed their true spot. There were students who deserved better yet our system did not allowed it.”

With the passion to bring in true change he opined, “Free education and youth support are our two main aims. We have already launched the first registered Talent Hunt of Pakistan with its official page The official launch date is 21 August, yet beta testing is underway. However, I am just a link in the chain and do not deserve the total credit for what many are jointly trying to accomplish. Although I am in the most senior management yet I am just a passage in the route.”

Like a true moderate he welcomed his critics for their suggestions as it will further clarify his direction in life. With the believe that every person deserves a chance, and his team is willing to provide opportunities through different projects.

He exclaimed, “Beating world records, being the first person to be approved such a huge number of subjects in one session etc were all our stepping stones.”In the end, he also requested everyone to pray for him and his team for helping people at large.

We need youngsters like him to understand the system and then with their will and talent revolutionalize the education system in Pakistan. A system where everyone has the right to equal education irrespective of their class and creed. We wish Hunain Zia all the successes for his future endeavours.

 Published in Young Nation Magazine on August 19, 2017