By Shaikh Asfandyar Azhar

Once upon a time there were two brothers. One of them was blind and the other's left leg a mere stump. Both of them were unable to learn a livelihood so they would sit at the corner of Mall Road and beg for money. If they got any (which wasn't often), they would ask a passerby to buy food for them but most of the time the person wouldn't come back. There was a unique thing about them that they would never lose hope no matter what difficulties they would come through. One day an idea came to them that if they worked together, they could be the eyes and legs for one another - the blind man would walk and the man with the stump would piggy back on him and be his eyes; he would tell him where to go. They decided they were fit enough to find a job. Two months passed and they became quite adept at becoming a delivery service. One day they met an old man who was very impressed with their work. He asked them if they would like to deliver goods for him everyday. This regular well-paid job pleased them greatly. From that day they would deliver goods to different people. Now food, clothes and shelter could be afforded and they were in a possible to save money each month. A few years later they made a cosy cottage at the corner of a busy street and they lived happily ever after.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on December 16, 2017